At Home with Archer

Today is Archer’s official due date and it’s crazy to think how much life has changed in the space of three weeks.

What started out as a normal week with a routine check-up at the hospital on the Monday, turned into an extraordinary one.

It became clear that I was going to need to be admitted to hospital and suddenly our plans changed. We were now preparing for Archer’s arrival, which they booked in for that Thursday, August 27.

While our pregnancy was always classed as a high-risk one, we couldn’t have felt in safer hands with the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. The MFM team took such great care of us from day one and we were monitored very closely. Despite being caught a little off-guard, we felt prepared knowing we were in the best hands when the time came.

We also feel very lucky that Archer was much more patient than his older brother Loxton and only decided to make an entrance three weeks early, rather than three months early like Lox.

Our experience bringing Archer home could not have been more different to Loxton.


This time we didn’t need a lengthy NICU stay. In fact, we didn’t need a NICU stay at all. As much as we love this team, it was nice to not have to see them this time.

When we arrived home, we also didn’t need to worry about nasal gastric tubes, oxygen tanks and checking PH levels.

Instead, bringing Archer home has been refreshingly normal.


We have been able to spend the past few weeks together navigating the highlights and challenges of bringing a newborn into a family and starting the next chapter as a family of four.

We were even able to organise some family photos and capture these snaps of Archer at only just a week old, something we were never able to do with Lox.


So many mummas before me have said this, but it’s honestly the most amazing feeling (and a little bit sad at the same time) to see your little baby grow up overnight into a big brother. Loxton has been incredible with Archer, helping with his nappy changes and baths. He is such a caring little soul and we know he is going to be such a great role model for Archer.

Bronte has been awesome, too. Running the business and looking after the three of us over these first few weeks has made for extremely long hours but he has somehow managed it all with a smile and a crazy amount of energy.


As we hit Archers official due date, we realise just how quickly we have settled into life as a family of four. We are excited about what lies ahead and can’t wait for our boys to grow up in the family business environment, just like we did.

Lox is already showing Archer the ropes in that regard and can’t wait to introduce his ‘little brother’ to all his friends at the ToopCreche.


Genevieve Toop